Overview of the Balanced Leadership Profile:
An instructional leadership resource

The Balanced Leadership Profile is an online feedback tool intended to gather information about school leadership from multiple perspectives: an individual principal, the teachers working with the principal, and the principal’s supervisor. The purpose of the Balanced Leadership Profile Survey is to provide building principals with multiple perspectives on their fulfillment of the 21 leadership responsibilities identified in McREL’s leadership research and to furnish feedback on principals’ change leadership.

The multiple-perspective feedback of this survey enables a principal to identify differences between respondents’ perceptions of the principal’s leadership for areas associated with student achievement. The Balanced Leadership Profile also provides principals with a variety of online professional development tools, strategies, and leadership protocols linked to the 21 leadership responsibilities.

The theoretical and technical foundation for the Balanced Leadership Profile Survey is described in School Leadership that Works (Marzano, Waters, & McNulty, 2005). This approach was developed from a meta-analysis of 69 research studies from the 1970’s to 2000 that focused on the connection between principal behavior and student achievement (Marzano, 2004). McREL interpreted the results from the meta-analysis and an ongoing review of theoretical literature on leadership, including change, collective efficacy, distributed leadership, and systems thinking. In addition, McREL’s combined professional school leadership wisdom, distilled from the 340 years of experience represented by McREL’s team, informed this work.

The current Balanced Leadership Profile survey is the result of initiatives that included the development and field testing of self-reported principal survey items designed to address identified leadership indicators and subsequent factor analysis investigations. A program of future research is planned to furnish an even stronger foundation for the Balanced Leadership Profile survey.